‘Our World’ concert, Helsinki

There’s a video of the recent Our World benefit concert, where an array of different musicians played for a good cause. Rody and Assi performed my Sing, Memory – this starts at about 50 mins, and prior to that Rody explains how he learned Finnish by reading Moomin books 😀

Many thanks also in the last month to the ensemble Faux Pas (Germany – playing Milonga Azure and Spanish Café), Terra Voce (US – playing Eurydice Sings) , the L & G sax quartet (Hungary – playing The Pale Dancer), Trio Tino (Germany – playing Citron and Pájaros del Mar), Adam Roth (US, plus harpsichordist – also performing Sing, Memory), and to the National Youth Wind Orchestra sax ensemble for using Unreal promenades on their recent course.assi3

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