mifune tsujiSo far these ‘news’ items have tended to be about individual pieces, often around the time of a first performance, but I’ve been too busy to find time to write very many of these posts. Right now though, the roof is leaking, there are builders hammering away for the next week or more, and I can catch up on some admin as composition is out of the question! So here are some random updates.

The ‘Basho’ project in Finland came to a great conclusion with two sold out performances at the Helsinki Music Centre (and more to follow in 2014). These performances included Admiring Yoro Waterfall and the specially commissioned piece Present-Past-Future-Present. I’ve also just completed a further five movement harpsichord piece for Assi KarttunenBeyond the River God – which has been occupying my time for much of this year; more on that another time nearer its premiere. And, I’ll soon be rehearsing the new Trio Cocteau with the Mediterranea Trio, this will also be premiered in 2014.

Amongst the performances that are taking place in the next couple of months there’s the premiere of four short violin pieces which are part of an ongoing series called Arche. The Greek word ‘Arche’ has a number of meanings that reflect ideas of origins and beginnings, and from which we get words such as archetype and archaeology. These pieces exist as fragments; the musical motifs and images are presented without much elaboration, as if part of longer works that remain unheard.

These performances, which take place in Cambridge,will be given by Mifune Tsuji. The concert will also include the UK premiere of my Three Cut-Outs for alto saxophone, performed by Jin Theriault.


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